Friday, January 14, 2011

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Totally And Completely Against This

Really? You are going to take out offensive words because they offensive? That was the freaking point of having the words in the book in the first place! That was the truth of the times, how people saw those different from themselves and exactly what they called them. Think what you want about Huck Finn, love or hate the book, it's your right, but leave it alone. You are changing the author's intent, changing the meaning, rewriting something that can't be re-written. Huck goes through a hell of a lot of maturing through his journey, he learns a lot about his world and Jim's too. To change it belittles the growth of the character and makes it a water down version of what was once a masterpiece. Yeah, I bitched and moaned when I had to read it, ad I was shocked by the wording, and even hurt. But I am glad I read it, glad I had that experience, and glad I had the insight into the mind of the undereducated, ignorant, but otherwise decent young man who was just being himself. Would I be pissed if someone were to say it to my face? You knwo what? No. No one gets to define who I am, and honestly I would look at them they way I now look at Huck. Like the undereducated, perhaps a bit ignorant soul they are. I can't be bothered to be offended because I had the opportunity to emancipate my own thinking. Let children be shocked, hurt, even disgusted by the words, the actions and the attitudes. That is what it's for.

Off the soapbox now. Hope I made some sense.