Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Beginning...

Hello, all.

I've been a long time absent, in the body, if not in thought, from the goings on of my internet families. A ton of things have interfered, interrupted and basically disrupted my time. The main elements have been my children. Twins: Christian and Jacqueline.

They've turned eighteen and finally, the wondrous, highly-anticipated year of at hand! October 16 was B-day. Not to be so abrupt, I graciously gave them two months to get their affairs in order before walking the plank, er, I mean...finding their own place.

I have waited for this with bated breath, longed for it with wishful sighs... wanted it like an eagle wants roadkill. And when I have it within my grasp, lo and behold, they don't want to leave the nest!

Bear in mind, these are the two who have been threatening to declare themselves Emancipated Minors at sixteen. The two who have moaned and groaned about never being treated like adults or as if they have a damned brain (which I don't disagree with, I simply postulate they have no THOUGHTS in their damned brains).

Well, I wasn't having any of that! Like all good mama birds, I kicked them out of the nest. It was a firm kick, solidly placed between the deep valley of those plump butt cheeks that have been lying around denting my furniture for the last sixteen years. Those same cheeks that have been growing enormously due to the inordinate amount of MY food the mouths attached to said buttocks have been devouring.

For all that, it was a loving kick. The twins need to finish maturing and in order to do that, they need to be out from under mama. First, because when I tell them to do something or attempt to give them advice, they tell me, "I'm a grown _____" and I have to remind them that grown folk pay rent. And buy their own food. And fund the local electrical plant, etc., etc., etc. So with their good in mind, I only smiled, not laughed out loud, as I gently but insistantly pushed them out.

With the wherewithal to survive that first month, and a firm stricture to remain gone until I have time to miss them. They've already disobeyed. Why am I not surprised?

First, Jackie was thrown out of the place she was staying. Something about her mouth, and her saying, "I paid rent and I have the right to..." one too many times. Sigh. Her first lesson in "What part about these people are not your momma and don't have to put up with your shyte, don't you understand?"

True to my word, I didn't let her back in, which forced her to bestir herself to find alternative lodgings. I did drive over so she could cart her stuff back to my house for storage, with the understanding that I would start to charge rental fees on it if it remains here past a month. That went over like a house on fire.

So now I am Mean Mom, but since I've been mean mom for the last two years, I can live with the title. At least I'm By Myself Mean Mom, who doesn't have to lock her doors or gaurd her fridge or count her sodas, cookies, bags of chips, lunchmeat, cheese or popcorn. At least I'm When I Clean the House It Stays Clean Mean Mom.

I can deal with that.

I LIKE that. If I get any positive response to the above and interest in knowing how its going, I'll continue the saga of the New Adults in My Life.

Now, to get back to the reason I posted...


I'd like to introduce the cover of the book, Wylder Magick, coming out at Changeling the end of March. This is my first release since Hunting Chase almost two years ago. For some reason, I'm finding a new release of imagination and energy. Wylder Magick isn't a new book. It was originally released through Elora's Cave in the Hot Spell Anthology. I've reedited and expanded it for your reading pleasure in advance of the second book coming in that Universe. I'll be posting an excerpt soon.
Meanwhile, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Life is like visiting the County Fair. It's no fun if you don't ride!
-Camille Anthony