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Warning this book contains BDSM elements.
Forgetting your anniversary is more than a little oops. Jenny knew she was headed toward punishment the moment the phone rang. The fact that she not only forgot, but had been working late only added to her guilt. Still, Jenny just loved the way Joe punished her.

Charlotte Standford, vampire, and Eder Azrael, Vice officer for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, are at an impasse. Charlotte's first impression of him left a bad taste in her mouth and a dent in her wallet and his first impression of her was...well he was too much of a gentlemen most of the time to comment. When their paths cross at the BSA both Charlotte and Eder learn just how fun making a second impression can be.
Tabitha loves spiced rum and cola. Maybe just a little too much. When she gets pissed, she drinks… Maybe just a little too much.

Thank goodness Derk is there to save her from herself. Sort of.

Too bad he's her arch nemesis. At least, he is since "the incident." Other than that, he's the sexiest piece of eye candy this side of the Mississippi.


Dream Builder
There weren't many things Toni was afraid of. She owned and operated a construction company in the Deep South, lived her life on her own terms and never backed down from a challenge. At least, not until Leland threw out a challenge she dared not take. Leland had never wanted for anything a day in his life. He was wealthy, handsome, and of Southern aristocratic background. He had it all. Except for the one thing he wanted most-Toni.

Cashmere Sky
Sky had been badly burned by a disastrous marriage. Her ex-husband's brutal words left her battered and broken in places the scars didn't show. The last thing in world she had time for was some young boy toy, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Cashmere was hooked from the moment he first saw her. What did it matter how old she was, or what color he was? All he knew was there was something very special about the woman he couldn't get out of his head.

Sometimes love comes calling and its apparent, on the surface, up front and in your face. Sometimes its Something Deeper.

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but the fire between Jaycee Froste and JC Frost is more than delightful.
With the holidays upon them there isn't anything the two want more than a good meal. Or so they thought. With names like these there are bound to be sparks.

Will Chicago's Lake effect snow give them chills or help them fan the flames of desire.
find out in
by RaeLynn Blue and Drea Riley


Spiced Rum
by Marteeka Karland

Tabitha loves spiced rum and cola. Maybe just a little too much. When she gets pissed, she drinks… Maybe just a little too much.

Thank goodness Derk is there to save her from herself. Sort of.

Too bad he's her arch nemesis. At least, he is since "the incident." Other than that, he's the sexiest piece of eye candy this side of the Mississippi.

Hung-over, naked, and in Derk's bed… well, what's a girl to think?

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Click cover to purchase
Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"I'm going to need you to work late tonight," Damien informed Larissa, his attorney. "I want to go over all the financial reports concerning this buy-out before the deal is finalized. Have my secretary order dinner in."

As soon as he made the statement, Damien turned away, watching in the mirror as she stared at his back and gritted her teeth, but nodded even though she had no idea he could see her.

She was irritated, yes, but she was excited too. The intoxicating scent of stirring arousal hit him hard, right in the groin. Her pink tongue darted out to take a swipe at her full bottom lip. Mmmm, he'd be tasting those lips tonight. Watching her hips sway as she moved from where she'd been sitting toward her office, his hands tingled. Tonight would be the night he'd grasp the full globes of her ass, spank them, slam against them. Oh, yes, tonight would be the first of many, many fun filled nights. And mornings. And afternoons.

With a wicked grin, he decided to follow his sexy little attorney. He wanted to make sure she cancelled her date tonight, rather than just pushing back the time. He entered her office moments after she had, not bothering to knock. She hadn't sat down yet, just leaned over her desk talking on the phone.

"I'm really sorry, but something came up so I don't think I will make it at all tonight."

She was damn right she wouldn't be making it tonight, or any other night. Vampires were supposedly a promiscuous bunch, never possessive. But Damien found the very idea of any other man touching Larissa made his fangs descend, ready to rip out a throat. Even now he hated the man on the other end of the line with a vengeance. He couldn't read the human's thoughts since the other man wasn't physically present, but he could hear the regret in the whiny voice on the other end.

Weak. The human didn't deserve to have his hands on those curves. Damien was tempted to reach out and ease that skirt up her thighs, running his nails lightly up the nylons she wore. Would she shiver from the light, teasing caress? Would goose bumps break out across her lusciously dark skin? Oh, he needed to taste that skin. Her neck was tilted just so, an invitation for his mouth to lightly suck the juncture between her head and shoulders. He would run his hands from the sides of her thighs to the front, then upward, so close to her wanting pussy but not touching it. Not yet.

Instead he would glide his hands upwards while tasting her skin, working beneath her shirt up her belly to cup those magnificent breasts. He would hold them over the lacy material of her bra, pressing his erection against her soft ass. He'd use his nails to tease her nipples, running over and over them until she was panting, whimpering for him.

As if she could read his thoughts, she thrust her hips backward, still talking to the whiny man. Damien was convinced he was going to have to hunt down Larissa's would-be date and have a little vamp-to-human talk. Her legs spread slightly, causing the material of her skirt to stretch enticingly across her ass. All he had to do was release his cock from his pants, yank up her clothes and plunge into her. The aroma of her sweet, wet cunt was driving him crazy. And she wasn't thinking about the man she was currently talking to, either. Damien felt no guilt in delving into her thoughts, gratified they centered on no one but him. And how carnal his normally buttoned-down attorney's thoughts were!

He thought he couldn't get any harder, but imagining the way her pussy would fit around his dick made him light-headed. Vampires had precious little blood as it was -- the last thing he needed was for it all to go south, making him a complete airhead. But damn, what heaven it would be to stroke inside her deep and long. He would pinch and pull on her nipples as he rode her, and force her head back so he could swallow her cries of joy.

Perhaps he would pull out just before allowing her to come. Then he could spin her around, forcing her onto his lap as he sank into a chair. That way he could watch his rigid length disappear inside her cunt. He would grasp her ass with both hands, setting a punishing rhythm. He'd rip her blouse open, suckling her breasts as they rocked hard against one another.

Fuck, he had to stop before he took her right here and now, not caring if the entire office heard them. Well, he really didn't care, but Larissa would. To save himself from having to grovel endlessly, he decided discretion was the better part of valor and simply cleared his throat to announce his presence.

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and the new chic on the group did what?

Wild Creek, Texas is home to one Abigail Dupree. This feisty librarian can take on anyone, anywhere, anytime, but Jayce has her completely tied in knots. He always has. Fortunately for Abigail, she's got him just as bumfuzzled.

The one woman Jayce could never get out of his head has always seemed unattainable. Not because he couldn't get her, but because he was seriously afraid her mother would take his manhood if he tried.

What happens when Jayce gets the blessing of Mama Dupree—and the perfect setting to act out his desires?


After finding her husband and her sister in the middle of committing adultery, Penelope Page tries to stab her wayward husband and later herself. Before she can take a one-way trip to the afterlife, she’s recruited by Hades himself to be one of his guardians. Now an immortal guardian of Justice, she spends her time capturing souls summoned by Justice. When a summons comes for the son of the very goddess she follows, Penelope knows something more is going on.

Firefighter Dresden O’Malley lost his best friend in a fire—one that could have taken his own life as well. His heart hidden behind grief, he spends his free time trying to locate a serial arsonist—whom he believes is a fellow firefighter.

Fate brings Penelope and Dresden together—both to find a killer, and to discover love. But will Penelope be able to surrender her heart to a mortal?

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One Badazz Series...I.G.O. by RaeLynn Blue

If you like interracial science fiction erotic romance, I invite you to try my badazz series: I.G.O. Thus far there are two stories in this series, Sudden Snow and Save for Shardae. Both have received good reviews.

"RaeLynn Blue did a magnificent job of blended together sensuality, danger, pain, emotional conflict and romance. I was utterly hooked from the start and didn't come up for air until the last word was read."--4 Angels from Fallen Angels Review for Sudden Snow.

"I love a good “bad boy” and Zander won me over from the start. The characters were well drawn, had depth, and the internal and external conflicts were strong. A good story for anyone interested in a romantic sci-fi tale with a hint of danger and plenty of sexual heat." 5 Diamond Review from Got Erotic Romance for Save for Shardae.

Read excerpts of both series here and here for Save for Shardae. 


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Are You Hungry?


All New Flavors!!!

Black Licorice Forever by Nevea Lane

    Vanessa  Delray knew her herbs.  She knew what to do with them, how to work them and how to get the best out of them.  So when a tall dark brooding yet handsome man walks into her herbary, she knew he wanted something particular.  He certainly wasn’t like her usual patrons who thought they were witches and warlocks.  So what could he possibly need?
    Gabriel Salvi wasn’t a witch or warlock: just immortal. Cursed because of his father’s transgressions, Gabriel was forced to live a life without love or anyone to call his own.  His last hope of breaking the curse was an ancient aphrodisiac using the pungent licorice root.  Living in a secluded cabin, Gabriel stumbled across Del Ray’s Herbal Haven and it’s owner, Vanessa Delray. 
    Gabriel wanted the licorice root to finally find his love.   Little does he know, Vanessa may be the only little bit of black licorice that he needs.   
Praline Dreams by Reana Malori

   Reese Michaels and Dana St. John had been friends since grade school but allowed teenage angst and raging hormones to pull them apart.  After years of denying his feelings, Reese has decided that he is no longer willing to wait.  He knows that it's time to make Dana to realize that she is the only woman for him.  His plan of seduction reconnects two people who have filled each other’s dreams.  Will one night be enough or will Reese and Dana discover that your first love is the one you never truly forget?

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We are so excited to announce our newest member Marteeka Karland.
We first met Teeka b/c Miss C, threw her at us and said "I brought y'all a new playmate".
And boy are we ever glad. She is spicy, sassy and plays well with others.
her prose is sexy, quirky and PANTY DROPPIN.
She has a heart of gold and her wit is quick, sharp and to the point!
BUt don't just take our word for it... go check her out for yourselves!
Grab a couple of her reads
and join her on places like yahoo groups and facebook

To find out more about Marteek, join her on yahoo.

check out some of her banging stories and art work at

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New Release by Reana Malori....

Escape to Heaven

Adele Woolner has survived more than a year of abuse, both verbal and physical, at the hands of her now ex-husband. Calling on strength she never knew she possessed, Adele builds a new life for herself and becomes a stronger woman in the process. Adele is now ready to move forward—but she never expects love to waltz into her life when she least expects it.

Stefano Indellicati feels an instant attraction to Adele and is determined to get to know her better. Something about her calls on his protective instincts, and he realizes he would do anything to call her his own. Willing to stand and fight for what he believes, Stefano will prove to Adele that he is the only man for her present and her future.


Adele noticed the fine-ass man talking to Ethan and Tony and wondered what they were discussing. More to the point, she wondered what Tony and Ethan were threatening him about. Tony and Ethan looked downright surly, and so, of course, her curiosity was piqued. While training in the ring with Tyler, she’d noticed the dark-haired guy stop and watch her from the sidelines. Too focused on not messing up, she hadn’t thought much about it and had ignored him enough to focus on her workout without getting too distracted. Tyler wouldn’t have been happy if she was paying attention to something else, especially a man, while training with him.

Maybe she was a novelty for him to watch. Recognizing that not many women came into Hank’s, she could understand why he may have stopped to watch. But in reality, she wasn’t just any woman, and everybody knew it. She had earned the right to be in this gym by virtue of her past and what she had needed to learn when she’d walked through that door the very first time. While the average member of the gym didn’t know that, Hank and her brothers did, and that was all that mattered. If she remained the only woman who ever darkened the door of this gym, that would be just fine with her. Plus, the regulars knew she was protected by five guys who could be very unfriendly when they chose to be, so she was left to her own devices.

“Ethan, why aren’t you guys paying attention to me? Who’s your new friend?”

“Nobody you need to know.” Without glancing her way, Ethan was the one who responded to the question.

“Well, good gracious, guys, don’t be rude.” Leaning over the rope, she extended her hand to the stranger, ignoring the frowns that quickly formed on the faces of both Ethan and Tony. “Hi. I’m Adele Woolner. Don’t let these guys give you a hard time.”

He grasped her hand in his, his deep velvet voice reaching her ears. “Hello, Adele. My name is Stefano. Stefano Indellicati. Nice to meet you.” As he spoke, he looked into her eyes, and she felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body. She quickly removed her hand from his and rubbed it against her leg.

When she saw his eyes drop to her hand, she knew he’d caught the motion. His mouth quirked up to the side, and she realized he was aware of how his touch had affected her. His half smile sent a silent message that she really wanted the chance to answer. Stepping back slightly, she knew she wasn’t ready to admit—not even to herself—that she was prepared to accept what he had to offer. She’d forgotten they had an audience observing their exchange, so she almost jumped out of her skin when Tony spoke up.

“Adele, Tyler’s waiting for you in the ring.” Tony’s look was searching, trying to find out if she was intimated by the stranger standing in front of her. Not that she could blame him. She had never been this tongue-tied by anyone else. Protecting her was all they knew how to do, so she couldn’t fault them for reacting this way. But damn, couldn’t she at least look at a man without them going into stealth mode?

“Oh, right! I’m going back now.” Giving Stefano a sweet smile, she almost reached out her hand again, but changed her mind. “It was nice meeting you, Stefano. I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will.”

Adele turned away from the group and made her way back over to Tyler on the other side of the ring. Damn! Did Italian men take lessons in how to make a woman melt? His voice was like aged brandy, and the look he threw her way was full of heat and promise. Sure, it was nice to look and all, but she wasn’t ready to start something with anyone right now. However, in all honesty, she couldn’t lie to herself—seeing his hungry gaze roam over her body made her feel very sexy. She hadn’t felt that way in a long time, and she could admit that it felt damn good.

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What do you do when (if?) you get stuck with characters or a plot? I feel like I'm writing the same two people over and over again.

I try to figure out what exactly makes these characters different from the ones with whom there are many similarities; then I make sure to really flesh out those differences. I don't think it's uncommon to gravitate to "like" characters or people; but everyone has differences. :)

Also, soap operas recycle plots all the time and folks act like it's a new twist every time! So it's not the worst thing you can do. After all; if it's not broke, folk don't like it when you try to "fix" it!

Ask me anything

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Available Now!!!!!!

Four thousand years ago Daffyd suffered a tragedy he was sure he would never get over. The Bard of his people was convinced he would never sing again. Closing himself in his castle he resolved to never love again. The price was just too high...

But then came Shiri. What was it about the woman, this mere mortal, that could lure Daffyd out of his self-imposed exile? Why does she call him more than any other? Even more than the wife he lost. Why did she weave a spell so magical it made his heart sing? He had no choice but to use everything in his power to bring her to him. 

 Shiri was much more than a mortal, more than Daffyd could ever imagine. With powers all her own, she set him free and released the magic in the lyrics of his song.

“Come here.”

    No smooth words of seduction, no small talk, just straight and to the point. Sure, why didn’t she just jump on his lap and…

    The booming sound of his laughter cut off the thought with razor sharpness.  It snatched her harshly back to the reality of the car and not the budding fantasy which had flashed across her mind.

    “Yes, why do you not do it?”

    “What?” Oh, no she hadn’t spoken the words out loud had she? Surely she couldn’t have been that far gone!

    “You were projecting. I did not hear your thoughts, I just caught a snatch of the vision you projected. I must say, I didn’t find it objectionable.”

    Shiri stared at him as if he had grown two heads. Projection? Images? What the hell was he talking about? If Travis had set her up to interview another wacko she would kill him!

    “Look, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but if you even think about going all crazy on me I swear, I will be on the next thing smoking out of here, taking one of your balls with me!”

    “Are you telling me you were not just thinking of climbing into my lap and having your wicked way with me? Or that you did not dream of your fingers exploring that delectable smelling pussy of yours underneath the full moon as I watched?”

    “How could you…You couldn’t know that!”

    It was just a harsh whisper, spoken more to convince herself she wasn’t hearing what she thought she had.

    “Come here, Shiri.”

    “No.” She shrank back against the seat as if she could hide there.

    There would be no hiding. He would not allow it.

    “Do not make me ask you twice.”

    Something in his voice was urging her to do as he told her to. She could have resisted had she wanted to, yet she crept slowly toward him as if compelled by an irresistible force. She didn’t want to fight it. When she would have sat beside him, he pulled her into his lap.

    “Do you think I would hurt you?” Daffyd lightly traced the shape of her lips with his finger. She shivered, though she was a long way from being cold, not anymore.

    “No.” And she didn’t. She was safe here with him, at least her body was.

    “Give me your lips, Shiri.”

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Ummm, More Flavors!!!!!

Wasabi Heat by RaeLynn Blue:
Nadia loved everything about sushi, the flavor, the scent, and the taste. What she loved more than sushi was owner of her favorite restaurant, Zen Su Chow. She'd lost track of whether her visits to his restaurant were about his food or him, but one thing was for certain, for Nadia, it was love at first taste.
Zen Su Chow had been born and raised in Japan. His immigration to the United States at 18 allowed him to work for his success and bring his family with him. The American dream was his for the taking, when he meets Nadia. Withi a short time, Zen can't see his future or his dream without her in it, despite how much it distresses his family.
Sushi is just plain without the other ingredients to flavor it, to bring it alive. Zen knows he's just been existing. Now he has to convince Nadia she's just the wasabi heat he needs in his life.

Purchase Here!!! 

Peaches & Cream by Serenity King:
Playboy executive, Mark Baldwin is beautiful women and wild parties. Not worrying about the future, beautiful come have come and gone in his life. That’s the way he’s preferred it…that is until he realized that the one woman that he wants, Samira Morgan, friend and business associate, may not want him. Samira’s still recovering from the death of her adoptive parents; Samira doesn’t appear to be remotely interested in a relationship with Mark. Not letting a little thing like rejection stop him, Mark decides to turn up the heat and get his woman, he wonders if his past indiscretions come back to haunt him?

Purchase Here!!!


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New Release from BTP and RaeLynn Blue

You know how I love to world build. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce, Penelope's Surrender, the first Guardians of the Gate story. Using Greek Mythology and urban settings, the Guardians of the Gate series. ~Enjoy.RaeLynn Blue
Title: Penelope’s Surrender
Author: RaeLynn Blue
Description: urban fantasy, interracial (BW/WM)
ISBN: 978-1-936271-80-1
Available at: www.beautifultroublepublishing.: Adobe PDF, HTML, MobiPocket PDA (with DRM for Kindle)
Price: $4.20
Length: 23,186
Heat Level: Hotness
Release Date: October 2010
Cover Artist: Les Byerley
**blurb**After finding her husband and her sister in the middle of committing adultery, Penelope Page tries to kill her wayward husband and later herself. Before she can take a one-way trip to theafterlife, she’s recruited by Hades himself to be one of his guardians. Now an immortal guardianof Justice, she spends her time capturing souls summoned by Justice. When a summons comesfor the son of the very goddess she follows, Penelope knows something more is going on.Firefighter Dresden O’Malley lost his best friend in a fire—one that could have taken his ownlife as well. His heart hidden behind grief, he spends his free time trying to locate a serialarsonist—whom he believes is a fellow firefighter.Fate brings Penelope and Dresden together—both to find a killer, and to discover love. But will Penelope be able to surrender her heart to a mortal?

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What's Your Flavor?

Pineapple Crush
by Janet Eckford
Nia and Peter both have a crush on each other. They spend their days watching and their nights dreaming what they would do when the watching is over. When they get their chance to make those dreams a reality will they keep moving forward or crush the possibility of a future.

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Zetta invites you to SPANK!

BAA Zetta invites you as Logical-Lust Publications announces their latest anthology Spank! edited by noted erotica author and editor D. L. King.

Spank! is a collection of twenty erotic tales about the most intimate of corporal punishments—spanking. Some of the best authors of erotic stories have contributed to the anthology. Famous New York City disciplinarian and corporal consultant Ms. Cassandra Park provides the introduction to the anthology aptly titled “It’s a spanking – it’s supposed to hurt!”

As King says, “Spank! is quality fantasy fodder from the adorably sexy cover to the engaging, clever, smutty, funny, spanking-good erotica you'll find inside, all the way to the adorably sexy back cover (if you purchase a print edition). How could I go wrong with the likes of Lisabet Sarai, Kathleen Bradean, Donna George Storey, A.D.R. Forte, Cervo, Anna Black, Sean Meriwether, Beth Wylde, Sacchi Green, J. Z. Sharpe, Jessica Lennox, Allison Wonderland, Jean Roberta, Lee Ash, Maggie Morton, Tara S. Nichols, Sommer Marsden, Roxy Katt, and Evan Mora?”

D. L. King is the editor of the Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Where the Girls Are. Violet Blue gave King’s bestselling vampire anthology, The Sweetest Kiss, the number two position in her top ten Hottest Sex Books of 2009.

Spank! is available in print and several ebook formats and can found at,,, as well as many other print and ebook retailers. A blog tour featuring the contributors is in progress. See D. L. King’s blog for the full tour schedule.

Visit the Spank! page at Logical-Lust Publications:


Starting at 10am EST, there will be a cyber launch party hosted by AuthorIsland:

Be sure to stop by. Leave a comment and be up for a chance to win a copy of SPANK!


There's still time to enter the SPANK! giveaway at Three lucky winners will get a copy of the book.

Logical-Lust Publications
( is an independent publisher based in Scotland specializing in erotica and erotic romance titles in both print and ebook formats since 2003

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Star Seduction is Back in E-book Format!

My Moonbeams & Stardust series first title, Star Seduction, is back in ebook format (pdf). It's available from Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC.

Title: Star Seductions
Series: Moonbeams & Stardust
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Price: $3.99
Genre: Science Fiction Interracial Romance
Author: RaeLynn Blue
Blurb: Thanks to an explosion on his touring ship, Jackson’s life of intergalactic glitz as the guitarist in rock band dead ends on a chunk not too far from Earth, the moon. Depressed, down on his luck, and emotionally desolate, Jackson spends night after night, drowning any feelings he has left in countless mug of beer. When he accidental clashes with a beautiful black woman in the Cat’s Meow lot, he sees a ray of sun in his otherwise dreary life. Star Summers is a woman betrayed. Thanks to a boyfriend who left her for greener pastures on Earth, Star is reduced to dancing as a stripper at a dump called the Cat’s Meow, not to mention her morning gig of working at a diner. The moon promised to be a blessing, but has turned into a curse. Longing for Earth on the rise she’s willing to do anything to get home. When they do find each other, sparks not only fly, they explode. There’s just one problem–Star’s pimp…Darius…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Addition to the O.A. Series...

Some of you may remember a few years ago I wrote a story titled, An Open Lure. That story was about Jake, an incubus, who had tired of feeding on various women. Jake wanted love and one woman that could sustain not only his sexual appetite, but his love. He found that woman in Zuri.

Jake, being an otherworlder, didn't do it alone. He had Ryan Coswell as his O.A.--his otherworld attendant.

An Open Melody: An O.A. Story is Ryan's story. Ryan has become an incubus himself, after prolonged exposure to Jake. Now, Ryan has tired of the women, exhausted and hungry for something more substainal, meaningful, eternal. But even Jake told him, finding the one isn't easy. Most incubi never find that woman who could sustain both appetites--those of the heart and those of the body. Ryan, as naive as ever, is undeterred. While visiting New Orleans, Ryan stumbles upon the most exquiste sound--and he believes, he's found her.

Tiffany's trip to New Orleans finds her betrayed, homeless, and staring into the wonderfully blue eyes of the beefiest blonde she'd ever met. She shouldn't trust him--doesn't trust him--but somehow she can't really resist him. What gives? And why won't he just leave her alone? Did she really want him to leave? Tiffany's battles both her heart and her logic. Could he be all he claims to be?

Tiffany and Ryan meet in the city with a history of devastating loss, provocative sexuality, and romantic charm. Will they be able to make beautiful melodies together?
Find out in
An Open Melody.

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GO WITH YOUR HEART Available Now from Beautiful Trouble Publishing!

Posted Image

Go with Your Heart is out now! This is my first offering with Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Shiloh Ray never thought her life would end up with her being a part-owner of a saloon with her brothers in the Oklahoma Territory, but that was just what had happened six years after she and her brothers escaped a Confederate camp during the Civil War. She hadn't seen the soldier who'd helped them escape in all of that time, but he was never far from her thoughts. He reenters her life at the same time the new doctor in town sets his sights on her, and she must decide whether to revisit her past or prepare herself for a new future.

Go with Your Heart


Shiloh turned to douse the rest of the lights, so many questions whirring through her mind. It had been four years since she'd seen him, since he'd guided her and her brothers to a Union camp under moonlight. She hadn't wanted to leave him in the midst of war, with the deafening reports of guns and the smell of smoke and burning flesh, and had tried in vain to convince him to stay with them. But he'd smiled, kissed her forehead, and promised he'd always be with her. Shiloh didn't know how that would've been possible when she nor her brothers had no idea where they were going after their escape; but they'd ended up West, and West was a lot of territory. Still, that hadn't stopped her heart from beating extra fast whenever she'd caught a glimpse of someone who could've been familiar. Funny how it remained steady when she finally did reunite with the man who'd changed her life so much.

Shiloh heard him stand and she glanced his way as she moved from behind the counter to the door. He approached but maintained space between them. She'd forgotten how tall he actually was, having to tilt her head back to look into his eyes. Then again, her brothers weren't tiny, either, but it was merely a tilt of the head to look at either of them. The lamps from the street provided a little light in the otherwise darkened saloon, but she wouldn't have needed that to know he was staring at her. The power of his eyes couldn't be ignored.

"I will walk you home," he said softly.

She shook her head and left the saloon, his footfalls thumping behind her on the plank steps. "That's unnecessary. It's just down the way. Within shoutin' distance."

"Your brother thought it fit to walk you there before he left."

"I'm a single woman and he thinks I can't take care of myself," Shiloh said, walking on to the boarding house. Nashoba's laugh seemed to curl into her ears, making her smile.

"You know that is not true. He just wants to make sure you don't have to, Chilita. That is what one does for someone he holds dear."

Shiloh looked away from him to hide a blush he wouldn't be able to see even if it were high noon. Very rarely did someone speak to her with unadorned tenderness. Nashoba had called her brave and was still able to acknowledge the fact she was a woman. Even her brothers could be borderline crude with her, but that was their way. She didn't put up with foolishness or posturing, but that didn't mean a small, feminine part of her didn't want or appreciate soft words and gentle phrases. Granted, she preferred britches to the long skirts most women wore. She enjoyed the freedom and the ease with which she could move. She also thought that much fabric was a bit wasteful, and she didn't abide by unnecessary excess.

"It is the same reason why I am walking you back, Shiloh. That and because…"

He didn't respond, as if letting the memories of what happened between them all those years ago swirl between them. It had been intense, bringing about irrevocable changes for her, she knew; but she sensed for him as well. Definitely for his people. She couldn't help but hear of the battles going on throughout the territories between the Indians and the Army. But he was here, and at least the shell of him was whole.

"I've missed you too," she whispered, stealing a peek at him.

"Hmm," he intoned, stroking his chin. "Miha moma…"

Shiloh burst out laughing and shoved him lightly. "I will not say that again! You lucky you got that much out of me."

"I have gotten more than that in the past…"

She abruptly stopped walking, glad she had that excuse for she was at the boarding house. He turned to her, his lips tilted in a half grin. Shiloh looked down at her feet to hide her responding grin, the boots she wore dusty from the road and scuffed from age. A larger pair of boots, much newer and nicer, came into view, the tips of those touching the tips of hers.

"I will see you again," Nashoba said.

"In another four years?"

"Not quite that long," the deep voice replied. "Sleep well, Chunkash Champuli."

Sweetheart. Grinning wider, Shiloh kept her head bowed and didn't raise it again until she was sure Nashoba was out of sight.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Available Now!!! Whipped Dreams ~ Fantasies

Mercy has the worst case of writer’s block. How was she supposed to write out fantasies when reality was oh-so-delicious? Luckily, her new husband knows just the thing to get her creative juices flowing. Punishment had never been so sweet.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the series: Journal of a Man in Love. Journal entry #2: After Run Shower


The Journal of a Man in Love are short stories that chronicles the private thoughts and actions of a man completely, totally and utterly in love with his woman. Written completely from a male point of view, take a peek inside what's in a man's heart and mind.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Healer's Bond--A Connection Between Readers and an Author

Sixteen months ago, I wanted to do something that helped me connect to readers and lovers of I/R romance. At my group, The Color of Love, a group of readers and authors often had discussions of books and stories, after it was published. So, I decided to do the Project Unity via the members of my group. That project would help unify my relationship with my readers. Each month the readers of my newsletter, Blue News, will vote on what should happen next in the story I was writing. For sixteen months, we did this. I'd write, and the readers would vote. Some ideas were more popular than others and more than one occasion we had a tie, but in the end, I think, one of the best stories I've ever written emerged.
That story is A Healer's Bond.
The bond between myself and those who read my work was strengthened. Now I have friends, not just random names on the boards.


RaeLynn Blue

Title: A Healer's Bond
Author: RaeLynn Blue
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Genre: Paranormal I/R Erotic Romance (BW/WM)
Price: $5.00
Purchase Link:
It will also be available from ARe
Blurb: The John Doe bleeding out on the ER gurney had to be the sexiest man Adele had ever seen. Too beautiful to die. As an ER nurse, she works to save him, but her connection--to him lingers long after he's out of danger. What she didn’t expect was that before the night was over, her life would end up in his strong, surprisingly capable hands. Wyatt Young’s exile had few perks—condemned to Greensboro, he had a steady stream of loud, cranky people, and lousy food. Constantly hunted by his uncle, he’s startled when he wake up shirtless in a hospital, with his sword missing and his torso ripped apart. A beautiful healer helps him recover—a healer he can’t stop thinking about even when he passes out. A bond is formed between Adele and Wyatt—one they can’t fight. Wyatt’s uncle seeks to make Adele his personal healer—at any cost. Adele is the key to Wyatt’s salvation and his redemption. He won’t let her go without a fight. Ever.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Release--"Trolling Nights: Interludes"

TNI Cover

Hey, y'all! Have you missed Tim and Bevin Capshaw? Fret not! I just posted up a collection of short stories featuring the Capshaws. Two may be familiar to you while one is completely new. I'm trying a new publisher/distributor, also. Please let me know if there are any issues. I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support!




"The First Weekend" Timothy Capshaw celebrates his first weekend in Charleston and sees someone he knows will make his trip more worthwhile than he'd ever imagined.

"Always Sweet" Bevin Moore's act of charity unsettles her in delicious ways.

"Welcome Home" Tim's return to an empty house from a three-month mission overseas wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Paperback Release from RaeLynn Blue

For the first time in a long while, two of my works in the Somethin' Cookin' are in one paperback collection. Both Thelma's Eatery and Cook's Choice are avAdd Imageailable in trade paperback from Mocha Memoirs Press. Both titles are also available in ebook format (.pdf) too.

Title: Somethin' Cookin
ISBN: 978-0-557-55278-8
Genre: I/R Erotic Romance, Multicultural Erotic Romance
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press
Paperback $16.00 Ebook: $6.49
Blurb: The cooks, waitresses, hostesses, and owners in the pages of this book do more than take orders. What they cook up isn’t always on the menu. Find out what’s really cookin’ in this collection of saucy and sexy interracial romance stories! This collection includes RaeLynn Blue's highy reviewed Thelma's Eatery and a follow-up story, Cook's Choice.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ties That Biind Part Three

Lady Rienne's rise to power continues. Just how does she steal Baptiste from her cousin? The next installment of the Chevalier prequel, Ties That Bind Part 3 is on sale now on my website exclusively.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do You Feel a Connection?

Have you ever read a story or a series of stories and become so connected to the characters that you feel as if you know them? This was a thought running through my mind recently as a I finished a book where not only did I connect with the characters and fall head over heels in (book) love with the hero, but the hero had brothers! Maybe the premise is to your favorite soap opera. If you don’t currently watch the soaps, I’m sure most of you grew up with parents who did. The twists and turns, the failures and successes, the love and drama, the soaps can pull you in so far that you find yourself speaking about the characters as if they live two doors down from you. As if every other Sunday you’re going to each others house for a cookout.

Some books can do that for us. The women become our friends and we connect with them because we see ourselves in them. We understand the challenges they are facing, whether they are falling in love for the first time, healing a hurt caused by a former lover, or fighting for a life—a love—that is like nothing they’ve ever felt before. We often times cheer for them as they find courage and strength, while at the same time yelling at them to “just give him a chance.”

With these stories, the hero is inevitably someone who epitomizes the type of man, husband, lover, father, we all wish for. While he may have his flaws and failings, they can be forgiven. Why? Because he loves his family more than his own life and he would die to protect them. Because he is strong enough and badass enough to make sure it never comes to that. And when he finds the woman of his heart, he recognizes this and will do whatever it takes to keep her. These are the type of men that draw us in and keep us connected to their life long after the story has ended.

I have a few books in library that impact me this way. I can picture the characters so vividly that I can build a “movie” as I read the story. This is a sign of a great storyteller. Not necessarily someone who is simply good at putting words to paper and writing a book, but a true, blue “storyteller.” They build and weave this other reality and while we all recognize doesn’t really exist, the hopes and dreams of the characters seem real to us and we never want to let them go.

Do you feel the same way? Have you ever felt a bond with a story or character that you felt as if you knew them? Tell us about it.


Reana Malori

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keeping the Heroine Real

As a writer of paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction you may find the title of this blogpost strange. It’s not really. Most of my audience are women, and the heroine must be real—even if her environment may be purely fiction.

Don’t worry. None of my heroines come from anyone real, but her behaviors must be. If you read Reana’s blog post about what books make it to her keeper shelf, you noticed the first entry into that list is not a weak heroine.

So, how do I keep each heroine realistic?

I attempt to think in terms of her being a real person. Take for example, Sienna of
Cook’s Choice. I thought long and hard about her background, her family, the fact that she’s bi-racial, that her father died and that she lost her mother earlier in her life. All of these factors become her profile and I began to visualize her as a real, breathing person—something Sienna’s very proud of. From there she guides my hand as to what she will and won’t do.

The same holds true for each of my characters—both hero and heroines, and I attempt to allow them room to talk to me. That is easier said then done sometimes.

But here’s how I keep them realistic:

1. She must have a history and a background including family, friends, and employment.
2. She must have a voice and something to say that women will identify with.
3. She must be ripe—Ready, Intelligent, Poised, and Excited to tell her story.
4. She must be entertaining—at least to me.

This is a rough list of what I mentally go through in order to create a realistic character.

Do you agree? Did I miss something important? Which of my characters do you think are the most realistic?

RaeLynn Blue

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The EPIC Awards are Coming!


Twelfth Annual EPIC EBook Competition (July 15-Aug. 15, 2010)

EPIC’s ebook competition, the oldest continuing competition honoring ebooks and the e-publishing industry, is a premier event for authors and publishing houses. It opens for submission entries on July 15, 2010, accepting entries through midnight (CST) August 15, 2010. Entries must be e-published between June 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010. The Competition Guide will be on EPIC’s website ( on June 1.

Judges consist of active EPIC Members and guest judges, all of whom are either published authors or publishing professionals. Entries are judge in two rounds, with finalists announced during the first week of November 2010.

The 2011 New Voices Young Writers Competition (Aug. 1 – Oct. 20, 2010)
EPIC’s membership supports ebook education within public, private, and home school environments with this popular global competition for young authors. The New Voices Young Writers Competition opens for submissions from August 1, 2010 through October 20, 2010, and introduces young authors to the exciting world and possibilities of ebooks and e-publishing - the wave of the literary future.

We invite middle school- and high school-aged authors, ranging in ages from thirteen through eighteen years old, to submit essays, poems, and short stories in this growing competition. If you are a young writer, with a desire to fine-tune your craft with constructive feedback from industry and education professionals, please consider entering our competition. The guidelines will be found on the New Voices website: in July 2010.

If you are a parent, teacher, or librarian, you may request brochures by email from Please supply your name, mailing address, best email contact, and contact phone number as well as the quantity you desire. Mailing takes about 3 weeks, so please be patient.

EPIC's 2011 Art Competition (Nov.1 – Nov. 15, 2010)

Also in its twelfth year is a competition that honors the finest selection of cover art for electronically published books. Details will be available on the EPIC website ( the first part of October 2010 with entries accepted from November 1, 2010 through November 15, 2010.

Covers go through two rounds of judging by EPIC’s membership, with finalists (in category) awarded the ARIANA before moving on to the final round. The ultimate winner, the artist whose work receives the most membership votes, is celebrated with EPIC’s highest honor for art - the QUASAR.

EPICon Conference (March 10 – March 13, 2011 in Williamsburg, Virginia)
All awards, other than those for the New Voices Young Writers competition, will be presented during EPIC’s 2011 EPICon conference's gala award ceremony March 13, 2011 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The New Voices Young Writers awards ship to winners, and their indicated schools/libraries, within six months of EPIC’s conference.

# # #

EPICElectronically Published Internet Connection is a non-profit, professional organization for published and contracted ebook and print authors that was established to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing—the major publishing marketplace of the future.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome Back Kimber, Part 3

Chapter 3

            No woman had ever filled his arms the way Kimber did. No woman could ever make him hard as steel, just by being there. He had been hard since she flung open the door. The bulky shirt she had worn earlier was gone, leaving her in the flowing skirt and a camisole. As he had suspected, her body was a dream. Full breasts pressed against the silky fabric, outlining nipples he remembered as being full, a little on the long side, and when she was excited, so erect and sensitive, perfect for suckling. There was a womanly sway to her walk that hadn’t been as pronounced when she was younger. The promise he’d only glimpsed at in high school had been fully realized- and then some.
            He still wanted her. Had he ever stopped? It had taken three years for him to start dating again after her father had shown up at his parent’s house with the baby, claiming not only did Kimber not want the burden of being a single parent, but that she didn’t want to raise a mixed child. That had hurt worse than anything ever could. How many nights had they talked on the phone or in each other’s arms planning how many children they would have one day, what they would name them, the type of home they would build? And yet, there had stood Dr. Knowles claiming Kimber had rejected all of their hopes and dreams. That she had left knowing she was pregnant, with every intention of getting rid of the child as quickly as possible.
            Holden, in his childish hurt had believed him. He had swallowed every lie and let it foster a bitter hatred at the woman he thought had threw his love back in his face. He should have known better. In a way, he had. Maybe he had never admitted it to himself, but Kimmie wasn’t the type of woman to lie about her feelings. She had always been an open book to anyone willing to read. Dr. Knowles had never been willing. He had wanted to create his daughter in his image. He wanted to mold her in to his ideal of a woman. And Kimmie had been far too loving and kindhearted to push her father away. She had always tried to be the daughter Dr. Knowles had wanted her to be, but had always fallen short in the older man’s eyes. And Holden had always hated him for that. Yet, he had taken their daughter and in essence, kept the baby away from her mother. He was every bit as guilty as Dr. Knowles in a way.
            As much as he loved his daughter, there would be no little Kimmie without the big Kimmie. He hadn’t realized how much he missed her until now. He hadn’t realized how empty his arms had been until she had dove on him. Over time, there had been other women. At first, he only dated women who were the polar opposite of Kimber, trying to drive her out of his mind and heart. That had been a disaster. It didn’t matter what color the woman was, her profession, her background or upbringing. There was only one woman his mind and body craved. Sex itself had become an empty bodily function; so much so, Holden hadn’t had a physical relationship in two years. He couldn’t take it; the cold emptiness he felt afterward. It didn’t matter how long he actually dated before trying to start a physical relationship; it was always wrong somehow. He couldn’t bring himself to sleep all night with anyone. He couldn’t shake the eerie feeling he was being unfaithful.
            In more ways than one, Kimber’s return was a Godsend. He hadn’t realized how much until the truth smack him around a little. He was never going to love any other woman the way he loved her. Holden was becoming colder and colder to the outside world. Only his daughter could make him smile. He felt isolated, cut off from those around him. His entire life had been his daughter and his job. There was no room for anything else. Not because there was no time, but because he could not bring himself to join the outside world. He had fewer and fewer friends, he was curt and standoffish on the best of days. He was freezing from the inside out.
            One look at Kimber and his heart began to thaw-no, more like the frozen casing had scattered completely apart, leaving the organ bleeding and raw, but just as hot has it has always been for her. His resentment and acrimony that had been a mainstay in his life for so long started to slip even before he had seen her again; in Dean Whittaker’s office, he had known what awaited. He had starting to feel again. He had started to hurt again. Only Kimber could ever take him to heights of pure ecstasy or drag him down to desolate despair. Oh, how he loved this woman-still.
            This was it for him. She always had been it for him. Holden had loved Kimber most of their lives, had realized it when they shared their first kiss at thirteen in his garage. They had never even considered dating anyone else all throughout high school, being attached at the hips as best friends and evidentially as lovers. It had taken three woefully awkward tries before losing their virginity to one another on the beach after Homecoming their senior year. They had explored their burgeoning sexuality together; reading about techniques and then trying them, until they found what the other liked the most. Up until the time her father snatched her out of school and moved them away, they had spent every available second together.
            No doubt the reason for Dr. Knowles taking the position in Boston was because he had finally noticed how close she and Holden had become. Little did any of them know about the baby.
            What kind of fool was he not to realize when Dr. Knowles was a lying snake? He was still having a hard time coming to terms with that.
            As soon as their bodies collided, a long dormant switched was flicked on in his psyche. He had only meant to hold her, to comfort her in some small way. But feeling Kimber in his arms again, Holden’s carefully erected walls came crashing down.
            His hands twined in her hair of their own accord, pulling her head back and her lips open. Nothing could have stopped his mouth from descending on her soft pouty lips, not even the sharp crack of a hand across his cheek. Had she resisted, he probably would have backed off. It might have been the hardest thing he would ever have to do, but he really would have.
            But she didn’t resist. Instead she went all soft and pliant in his arms, receiving the probing of his tongue with a soft sigh. Damn, she tasted so good! He didn’t just kiss her, he took full possession of her mouth, her lips, her very breath with all the pent up frustration he felt from their forced separation. No other woman had ever tasted like this.
            “Oh God, Kimber, I missed you so much,” he murmured against the soft flesh of her throat as his lips traveled everywhere his frantic hands could bare her flesh.
            She had on too many damn clothes! Pure need pooled in his gut, crude, gnawing hunger demanding to be fed crawled underneath his skin. He tore off her clothes, ripping anything that could not be easily discarded. White noise filled his ear drums, the center of his focus only on her, only her.
            “Holden, Holden…”
            Her mournful cry tore at him, spurring him on. It was primitively base, the need to be inside her, but Holden could not shake the feeling if he didn’t bury himself deep, become a part of her in a way denied for far too long, he would explode. His lips never left her body, traveling across the smooth skin of her face, back to her neck, her shoulders, and returning to her lip. He wanted to howl in victory when he felt her small hands tugging on the fastening of his pants. He wanted to assist her, but he couldn’t stop touching the woman who had always ruled his heart and mind.
            When she finally freed him, Holden’s mind blanked.
            Acting on pure instinct, he rolled them over, parting her thighs with the width of his body. He drove his throbbing length deep inside her in one stroke, burying himself to the hilt.
            Kimber didn’t know what she expected when she opened her eyes to find Holden looking down at her, but she never dreamed of this! One touch, that was all it took and she was transported back in time. Warmth, hope, love, all these feelings she had never hoped to feel again, not like this, came back in a rush. It was almost as if she had never left. He completed her now so much it was as if they’d never been apart at all.
            But this was not the slow, gentle lover of her youth. Holden the man was forceful, demanding, and he felt so damn good inside her. His face contorted to look more primal than she’d ever seen, he powered inside her, shaking her body and soul. She couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. All the words she would’ve loved to say came out in primitive grunt and moans. Later she would allow regret and allow distrust to seep back into her consciousness. This wasn’t real, not anymore. As for now, all she wanted to do was feel. He was thicker than she remembered, filing her to the point of pain. Her inner walls clamped down on the strangely hard, yet smooth shaft, demanding that he move- do something-anything to relieve the burning ache.
            “Please, Holden!”
            She should hate him for making her beg, and tomorrow she probably would.  Right now she needed him to drive into her over and over, so hard she forgot her name. Forgot the cold emptiness that waited for her after he left. And he would leave. She couldn’t take it otherwise.
            “Look at me, Kimber.”
            Her response to the fierce growl was immediate, sending tiny shivers of sweet, agonizing anticipation down her spine at what she saw. When had he grown so commanding? His eyes glittered with an emotion she couldn’t identify. His chiseled jaw was set in determination; his mouth slightly swollen from his own bruising kisses was drawn into a grimace. He was gloriously male. So much more than he had been at eighteen. She didn’t know this man that was inside her now. This wasn’t the sweet, gentle boy she loved with desperation. This man was so far outside her scope she felt a tingle of fear, even while her body melted for him, opening completely for his exploration. How was possible to feel so deeply for man she didn’t even know? This was not her Holden. A slight niggling doubt echoed in the recesses of her mind. Oh, God, was he married? What the hell was she doing?
            “Don’t you dare try to leave me,” he rasped while holding her head still so she couldn’t look away. He seemed to have read the doubt and fear in her eyes. As if to reinforce his order, his hips rocked into her without withdrawing first. The broad head of his penis brushed against her g-spot, sending bursts of lights to dance in front of her open eyes.
            Her fingernails dug into the solid flesh of his arms as she canted her hips, desperate for more.
            “Do I have you attention now?”
            All Kimber could do was nod. Did he ever!
            “I am so sorry, baby. I didn’t know. I should have-” Funny how his voice had gone all deep and smooth. No less male, but no longer growling. There was earnestness in his gaze that made her want to believe. If only she could. “I can’t make it up to you, but I swear I will spend my life trying.”
            No, he wouldn’t. She could never allow that. She would not know where to begin to try and handle this man buried inside her. And now was just not the time to contemplate such things. The last things she wanted right now were to have this conversation. And thankfully she didn’t have to. Their bodies seemed to have taken over for the both of them, urging them to continue the mating dance as old as time.
            Whatever reply Kimber could’ve possibly come up with was lost in the urgency of his thrusts. Fear, anger and even love drove her to push back just as hard, arching into his carnal embrace. More, more until she was no longer woman and he no longer man. They were one, wrapped in a blanket of bliss, surrounded by sensations too raw, too base to survive it. She thought she might’ve screamed, she couldn’t be sure. Her body shattered, sharp edges of ecstasy ripping her to pieces before slowly melting her back together, while but forever changed. 
            “I love you, Kimber.”
            How she once longed to hear those words. How she had dreamed of that same whisper, said at a time just like this. But that time had long since passed, and those dreams were never going to come true. Her heart couldn’t take it. So she said nothing, working up the courage to do what she knew needed to be done.