Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After finding her husband and her sister in the middle of committing adultery, Penelope Page tries to stab her wayward husband and later herself. Before she can take a one-way trip to the afterlife, she’s recruited by Hades himself to be one of his guardians. Now an immortal guardian of Justice, she spends her time capturing souls summoned by Justice. When a summons comes for the son of the very goddess she follows, Penelope knows something more is going on.

Firefighter Dresden O’Malley lost his best friend in a fire—one that could have taken his own life as well. His heart hidden behind grief, he spends his free time trying to locate a serial arsonist—whom he believes is a fellow firefighter.

Fate brings Penelope and Dresden together—both to find a killer, and to discover love. But will Penelope be able to surrender her heart to a mortal?

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