Thursday, December 17, 2009

Come spend the day with Zetta Brown!

Hey y'all! I got a busy day today because I'm gonna be at THREE places at once! Take your pick!

Q&A at The Writing Jungle
Q&A today with Zetta B! Today is a Q&A session all about yours truly at The Writing Jungle blog - so if you got any questions you want to corner me with--now's your chance! You may win a free copy of "Cherries Jubilee" C'mon y'all!

Brenda Williamson's Romance Party
Party over here! I'm the guest author today at Brenda's group so be sure to stop by! There will be excerpts, prizes, fun stuff and whatever else!

and finally, I'll be hanging around at the

AuthorIsland All Day Chat!

We'll be gabbin' and sharing our favorite cookie recipies along with an ornament giveaway. And let me say that if you like men in kilts, you'll like the ornament I'm giving away ;-D

So come on out to any (or all!) of these spots today and say "Howdy!" to me!

Zetta Brown
Editor-in-Chief, LL-Publications/Logical-Lust Publications
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A chance for a free ebook!

Hi everybody!

I have a guest blog spot at The Writing Jungle Blog, and if you stop by today or tomorrow with a comment or question for me, you'll be in with a chance to win a free copy of "Cherries Jubilee - Before Eva Met Jared" the short story prequel to my novel, MESSALINA - DEVOURER OF MEN.

Hope to see you there!

[This event is bought to you by Classy N' Sassy Promotions!]

Zetta Brown

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Ask the Librarian" - Laura Guevara

How much is too much when it comes to Christmas decorations? That is the question posed by Badazz Author, Laura Guevara. Here's your chance to weigh in at the LL-Publications Blog

Zetta Brown

Friday, December 4, 2009

New short story by Zetta Brown

Hey everybody!

I've been sitting on this news for WEEKS because I had to wait until everything was official--so here it is!

My short story, "Hung," has been accepted into the anthology MAKING THE HOOKUP: EDGY SEX WITH SOUL

It's being published by Cleis Press and edited by Cole Riley.

Check out the Amazon page! Heck, go ahead and pre-order!

I wasn't going to submit to the antho because I didn't think I had time, but "him indoors" kept pestering me so I'm glad I did.

So I guess I have him to thank! LOL

Zetta Brown

I've been interviewed by Romance Junkies!

Please stop by and leave a comment!

I even divulge a secret very few people know about me...until now ;)

Zetta Brown

Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing FM Harder

Jeanie and Jayha now have an alter ego: FM Harder.

Check out our first release and the smoking cover art by Marteeka.

It is available at our lulu store:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Logical-Lust finals twice in EPIC's ebook competition!

Two e-books produced by Logical-Lust Publications have finaled in EPIC's 11th annual ebook competition!

"Time Currents" by Brenna Lyons finaled in the Fantasy Erotic Romance category.

And newcomer Amber Hipple's "Bittersweet: tales of tainted erotica" finaled in the Anthology Erotic Romance/Erotica category

The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is holding its annual convention and awards ceremony, the EPICon, in New Orleans from March 4-7, 2010.

The EPIC Awards is the most established ebook competition recognizing excellence in the industry so we are very proud of both finalists!

And if you plan to be in New Orleans in early March 2010, we'd love to try and meet you!

Zetta Brown

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Waiting for my Mixed Chicks

I admit I'm slow to get to things, but I do get to them in the end. Sometimes the route I take is interesting as it is convoluted. Keep reading and you'll see what I mean.

I've been living in Scotland for just over 4 years now, and it's been hard for me to maintain my hair. When I lived in Texas, my late mother found a black hairstylist where we lived in Bedford who was practically on our doorstep.

I've been letting Niameh Freeman of Girty's Creations (now in Euless, TX) do my hair ever since.

Niameh has done my hair for over 10 years, and if I could've, I would've not only brought her along to Scotland to do my hair for my wedding, I would've paid for her visa and immigration. But I ain't Oprah so I ain't got that kind of cash (not to mention it's too damn cold!). Don't worry. My mane was looking good on my special day :)

After arriving in Scotland, I did find a Sally's Beauty Supply right next to Glasgow Central Station that I could get to on my way to work. They have a tiny selection of black hair products, but tiny is better than none.

Approximately a year after I started working in Glasgow, I found the only person I've let style my hair and the only man (apart from my husband) allowed to touch it. And that's Jerry at Ten36 Hair Design.

So where am I going with this? you ask. Problem solved, right?

Yes...and no.

I can "manage" my own hair, but since I chemically straighten my hair, there comes a time when The Naps Strike Back. I like to get my hair professionally done to help me maintain my mane. When I lived in Texas, this was easy. But getting to Jerry in Glasgow ain't so easy. After commuting there everyday during the week, Glasgow is the last place I want to go to on my days off or on the weekend. Besides, if any of y'all are familiar with exchange rates--it ain't cheap when comparing dollars to pounds. I'll visit Jerry maybe every 6 months whereas I would visit Niameh 3 or 4 times a year.

I've been wanting, for a long time, to do something different with my hair where I wouldn't have to relax it so much, if at all. My mane doesn't look half bad after I wash it and let it air dry, it looks like Niameh's (see photo above), but if I try to pull that look off for more than one day, ain't nothing gonna cut through to my scalp short of a flamethower.

Way back in September...of 2008...I received a comment on my Sistah in Scotland blog in response to my post, "Black Hair...and other Scottish nightmares."

The comment was from Mixed Chicks Believer. When I first read the comment, I nearly deleted it for spam because it sounds like a flat-out advertisement. You can read the comment here.

But it didn't take me long to figure out that this is some good information, so I filed it away...for later.

OK, now fast forward two years later to Sept/Oct 2010. The hubby and I were in Texas to go to the State Fair (more on that in a different post). I had also timed it so that my hair was ready for a touch up! Now, go look at the picture above. BTW, this photo was taken after I had met Drea and CWB, so Drea saw my hair "pre-Niameh." That is to say, I wore it up that day. This was taken a few days after Niameh did my hair, and my hair was lookin' foine.

Well, here it is over a month later, and while it's still lookin' good, I want to give my hair a break from relaxers and do something else, like wash 'n wear. And that's when I remember the Mixed Chicks.

Actually, I tell a lie, but only partially. I was surfin' the 'Net doing some research on a future novel. I'll tell you now that it's going to be a historical, paranormal erotic romance where the heroine is descended from slaves bought to England.

I was doing some research on Dido Elizabeth Belle...

...when I came across the following link:

As you can see, this site has a lot of interesting info. I decided to "take a look around" and went to their Health & Beauty section and saw the article "Mixed-Race Duo Make Perfect Combination." The article says they are still looking for a UK distributor...which reminded me of the comment about my post! I figured the article I just read was probably out of date--and it was--because Mixed Chicks DO have retailers in the UK:

Mixed Chicks UK

I love the instructional video. This mixed chick in the video (one of the founders) actually looks like someone in my family! But I doubt it.

International Beauty Care
is the one place close to me where I can buy retail if I don't do the Internet thang:

Anyhoo! I've just placed my order over the Internet and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Considering that Royal Mail is throwing ANOTHER postal strike (wankers!) I may be in for a long wait.

Nevertheless, I'll let y'all know if Mixed Chicks works for me.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Come join the 2nd Childhood Group!

Hey y'all! If you're a member of, come join my 2nd Childhood Group!

You can add your favorite books from your formative years to the bookshelf, rate and review books, start a discussion--or a debate!

See you there!


Thursday, October 29, 2009



Tag! You're Writ, Book 2This writing challenge involves six authors. Author Shara Azod has the pen first and is “tagging” author team Laura Guevara and Dréa Riley. Laura and Dréa tag author Reana Malori. Reana tags author team Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh. And thus, the game begins.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweet Submission Available Now!!!

Sweet Submission

Available Now!

Collect On Delivery:

Leita Mallory likes her new job as a mail carrier in the small town of Hartford, TX. Her coworkers are helpful and her route was not that bad. Or so she thought until the day she delivered a package to one Brian Garrett.

After working a long night shift, Brian Garrett was ready to kill whoever was ringing his doorbell so early in the morning. Instead he found a very beautiful, very pissed off woman on his doorstep.

Dance For Me:

Marina Castillo was a good girl from a small Texas city. She knew nothing about the games adults like to play in the big city. She took a job dancing in a cage in one of the biggest fetish clubs in the city to pay the rent. She had no idea what really went on in places like that, nor was she aware she had caught the eye of the club’s owner, Deacon.

Deacon was a man of strong appetites. Marina’s sweet innocence screamed that she wasn’t prepared of all the dirty little things he’d like to do to her. He had stayed away, knowing she would probably run screaming if she knew what he wanted from her. But the threat of losing her forever forced his hand. He had to make her his or watch her walk out of his life forever.


Collect On Delivery

As 3 pm rolled around Leita was back at the post office to end her tour. Most of the other employees were older people who had been there for numerous years yet they didn’t make her feel like an outsider. Saying goodbye, she exited through the employee’s entrance and stopped in her tacks.

Waiting by a huge black truck parked near the entrance was the sexy asshole from this morning. Brain Garrett. The name had imprinted in her brain after he opened the door in those low riding sweats she wished had slipped a little further down. Leaning against his truck, arms crossed over his chest, the man tempted her on so many levels. He looked so fuckable in dark sunglasses, t-shirt, and jeans. Taking a moment to compose herself, Leita continued to walk towards him before turning left on the sidewalk, walking right past him, not even giving him a cursory glance. She had no idea why he was there and she didn’t care. Well, ok, she was curious but she wasn’t going to let him know that. She had no time for assholes.

“Hello,” Leita heard him say as he caught up with her, “will you stop a minute? I wanted to apologize for this morning.” That had Leita tripping over her own two feet. Thankfully, she was able to catch herself before she made a fool of herself. His hands had reached out to steady her but he pulled them back when she regained her footing.

“You ok?”

“Yes.” Leita turned to face him. He had the most engaging gray eyes. They were the color of wet cement. She couldn’t break free. And that scared her because for once in her life she didn’t want to run away.

“If you’re off work, I would like to buy you a cup of coffee. Explain about earlier.”

“I don’t drink coffee and quite frankly after the day I’ve had I want nothing more than to go home, shower and change. So if you’ll excuse…”

“I’ll drive you home,” he interrupted.

The last was more of an order than a request. Leita shook her head, mad at herself for imagining things.

“No need. I just live couple blocks away. Goodbye.” Again, Leita turned to leave but the stubborn man followed her. She stopped and faced him, anger written all over her face. “Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t need you to drive me or walk me home. I am very capable of doing so on my own. So just say what you have to say and then leave me the hell alone before I file a police report for stalking or harassment or something.”

“I want to fuck you.”

Well shit. That was the last thing she expected.

Dance For Me

Happily making plans in her head she headed straight to Sunshine’s office. The witch wasn't in yet so she dropped the resignation on her chair so she would be sure to see it. Damn it felt good, even if her boss wasn't here to see her smug smile. Humming a happy tune Marina pivoted on her heel and ran smack into one very hard chest. She didn’t have to look up to see who it was. Although she was wearing five inch stilettos, the man towered over her. If that wasn't enough to give it away, there was his scent. She couldn’t identify the smell; all she knew was it was woodsy, masculine and it tingled her nose firing off feelings women couldn’t afford to have about her boss.


“Excuse me. I was just leaving.” She took a quick peak upward through her lashes, trying to prepare herself for the quickening in her belly she knew was coming.

Nope, didn’t work. She got all fluttery inside whenever she saw him. Being this close only made it worse. The man was walking sin. As if his dark auburn curls and light blue-gray eyes weren’t enough, he was built like a quarterback, all big and strong without being a steroid junkie. He was the kind of man that made women just want to climb him and cuddle. He had this dangerous thing going on, complete with a tattoo of a wicked looking scimitar on the side of his neck. She really wanted to lick that damn thing.

“No problem.” Yeah, she had almost forgotten about that voice. It wasn't that it was deep, just so damn smooth and calm. Like thick honey. “I saw you; I just didn’t feel like moving.”

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