Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Four thousand years ago Daffyd suffered a tragedy he was sure he would never get over. The Bard of his people was convinced he would never sing again. Closing himself in his castle he resolved to never love again. The price was just too high...

But then came Shiri. What was it about the woman, this mere mortal, that could lure Daffyd out of his self-imposed exile? Why does she call him more than any other? Even more than the wife he lost. Why did she weave a spell so magical it made his heart sing? He had no choice but to use everything in his power to bring her to him. 

 Shiri was much more than a mortal, more than Daffyd could ever imagine. With powers all her own, she set him free and released the magic in the lyrics of his song.

“Come here.”

    No smooth words of seduction, no small talk, just straight and to the point. Sure, why didn’t she just jump on his lap and…

    The booming sound of his laughter cut off the thought with razor sharpness.  It snatched her harshly back to the reality of the car and not the budding fantasy which had flashed across her mind.

    “Yes, why do you not do it?”

    “What?” Oh, no she hadn’t spoken the words out loud had she? Surely she couldn’t have been that far gone!

    “You were projecting. I did not hear your thoughts, I just caught a snatch of the vision you projected. I must say, I didn’t find it objectionable.”

    Shiri stared at him as if he had grown two heads. Projection? Images? What the hell was he talking about? If Travis had set her up to interview another wacko she would kill him!

    “Look, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but if you even think about going all crazy on me I swear, I will be on the next thing smoking out of here, taking one of your balls with me!”

    “Are you telling me you were not just thinking of climbing into my lap and having your wicked way with me? Or that you did not dream of your fingers exploring that delectable smelling pussy of yours underneath the full moon as I watched?”

    “How could you…You couldn’t know that!”

    It was just a harsh whisper, spoken more to convince herself she wasn’t hearing what she thought she had.

    “Come here, Shiri.”

    “No.” She shrank back against the seat as if she could hide there.

    There would be no hiding. He would not allow it.

    “Do not make me ask you twice.”

    Something in his voice was urging her to do as he told her to. She could have resisted had she wanted to, yet she crept slowly toward him as if compelled by an irresistible force. She didn’t want to fight it. When she would have sat beside him, he pulled her into his lap.

    “Do you think I would hurt you?” Daffyd lightly traced the shape of her lips with his finger. She shivered, though she was a long way from being cold, not anymore.

    “No.” And she didn’t. She was safe here with him, at least her body was.

    “Give me your lips, Shiri.”

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