Friday, October 22, 2010

Ummm, More Flavors!!!!!

Wasabi Heat by RaeLynn Blue:
Nadia loved everything about sushi, the flavor, the scent, and the taste. What she loved more than sushi was owner of her favorite restaurant, Zen Su Chow. She'd lost track of whether her visits to his restaurant were about his food or him, but one thing was for certain, for Nadia, it was love at first taste.
Zen Su Chow had been born and raised in Japan. His immigration to the United States at 18 allowed him to work for his success and bring his family with him. The American dream was his for the taking, when he meets Nadia. Withi a short time, Zen can't see his future or his dream without her in it, despite how much it distresses his family.
Sushi is just plain without the other ingredients to flavor it, to bring it alive. Zen knows he's just been existing. Now he has to convince Nadia she's just the wasabi heat he needs in his life.

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Peaches & Cream by Serenity King:
Playboy executive, Mark Baldwin is beautiful women and wild parties. Not worrying about the future, beautiful come have come and gone in his life. That’s the way he’s preferred it…that is until he realized that the one woman that he wants, Samira Morgan, friend and business associate, may not want him. Samira’s still recovering from the death of her adoptive parents; Samira doesn’t appear to be remotely interested in a relationship with Mark. Not letting a little thing like rejection stop him, Mark decides to turn up the heat and get his woman, he wonders if his past indiscretions come back to haunt him?

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