Monday, September 28, 2009

Meeting The Browns.

She sat slightly forward, hands cradling her drink. Intent on our conversation. Focused. Only a slight shift in her her eyes, and extra sparkle really, or the twitch at the corner of her mouth would ever give any indication that she was distracted--And Loving it.
The entire time we enjoyed out dessert he kept one finger on her person. Almost like a child, afraid that if he didn't touch the object of his desire his favorite thing ever would disappear.

I fell in love. How could you not. They are so cute I wanted to pinch their cheeks, put them in my purse and have CWB start the engine so we could Unca/Auntie--nap them and escape to a place where, they could be mine and I didn't have to share. I even mentally wrote my ransome note.

"Dear other people who's asses I can kick single handly, and if not I have dynomite and other things that go "boom". I have taken my Auntie and Unca far far far from you and you can not have them back. You however must pay Auntie/Unca Support so send money in various curancies and food. They only need robes to wear when they aren't in their room to visit me so clothes are optional( ok they are optional when I am in the room so send enough for me not to see them naked). If you don't comply--I'll sic my sisters on you."

So our day started rocky. CWB in his own special way caused us to not leave on time. Not because he was sad over his precious Texas Tech Red Raiders loosing to University of Houston Cougars, but because he decided I was tired as I stayed up late trying to finish something a little kinkier than I've ever done before and he was upset that it wasn't well never mind all that. CWB let me over sleep. So we didn't get on the road to Vernon until nearly 7:30am. I was upset I wanted to spend any day light hours I could in the prescence of Jim and Zetta. Besides I reasoned, I needed to also prove that the trip only takes two hours, not four. (for the record CWB made the trip up there 2hrs and 47 mins. I made the trip( changing routes to stop at my parents house...equal distance from the route back to hour home) in 1hrs 52 mins.)

Anyway once we were in the budding metropolis of Vernon I could hardly sit still. We pulled up to our redevous point and I jumped out of the car. I was virtually dancing from foot to foot. SHIVERING with anticipation. CWB made the call to let them know when were 15mins away, but I couldn't stand it. The moment the car was in park I called Zetta's grandparents and caught them walking out the door to come pick us up. "We're here, we're here" I sang happily.
"This must be Drea then. 'Tis GEEEEEEEM. On our way lil' neicey"
WHOOOO HOOOO I shouted and CWB looked at me, rolled his eyes and pulled me into a big polar bear hug. Thats code for get over here and settle down.

AND THEN I SAW THEM! Wow they are so cute. Ok have you ever seen that old disney cartoon brown bear and white bear OMG ITS JIM AND cute!!!>

Zetta is shorter than me and just this bundle of light and peace. One could easily imagine her coddling a small child and bringing instant peace. AND JIM...where do I begin. WOW... If Zetta was a coddler then Unca Jim is the ultimate "lets go try this and see if we get caught." He has this energy that is so pure so...mischievous.
"Jim, settle down and stop messing"...I must have heard that a million times. AND I nearly crowed with pride that it wasn't me being told to settle down.

We spent time with the world's most adorable grandparents. Ate the best double meat open faced chilli cheese burgers (Joint called Beevo's, decked out in UT orange, I will be making that trip again just for that burger) and spent time goofing off in walmart. CWB snook up and scared Zetta, and Unca Jim gave me five bucks( hey its Euro money so now you have to let me got to spend it Jayha...please I wont get in any trouble cuz Unca Jim is gonna be with me). Then we sat down again to have ice cream at Braum's and we learned so much more about the beautiful couple. Being a people watcher I couldn't help but note all the looks that we drew. A couple of curvy, fine black women with tall , domineering white men, And all four us sporting wedding rings and a look of, "we may look cute, but step up and get sat down ya hear".

I had the best day. So much so that I speed away from Vernon, before I could stuff them in my truck and bring them home. My heart was full to bursting at their immediate acceptance and of the love that they so obviously shared.
CWB smiled as we turned left outta town.
"When do we get to hang out with them again babe?" He asked, a yawn cracking his face.
"Anytime you want to."
"We have to get passports" another yawn and the seat goes back.
"Yup, you'll take off work to go"
"Yup, no speeding." SNORING

I drove off into the sunset, my own autographed Zetta Brown book in the back seat, my heart half way to Scotland.

Drea Riley


gorogo said...

Drea that was a great accounting of your meeting. I felt like I was there. So glad that you had an awesome time and no one got hurt! :-)

wanda said...

I'm so glad all of you had a good time. Get those passports ready!!

Zetta Brown said...

Awwww, Niecey!


So THAT'S why you wanted to know if Jim would fit in the trunk! LOL

We loved meeting y'all and just so's you know, PawPaw thinks we're related so we may have to do some family history...maybe because we're so bad? ;-D

YOU and CWB are too cute! I haven't had such fun with another married couple in ages. Y'all are a hoot!

Jim's still messin' with me. I'm about to put him in time out, but we're about to go to my dad's for dinner so that'll have to wait.

Meanwhile, y'all get your passports in order and we'll go KILT HUNTIN'!!!


Auntie Z