Monday, September 14, 2009

What makes you reread a book?

I know that alot of us have read a good book, but what makes you want to go back and read that one special book again and again?

Marie Rochelle


Dréa riley said...


Zetta Brown said...

The plot AND the characters have to stick with me. It's when the book ends and I wish there were more or I feel that I've lost a friend because that's the end of their story.

THAT's when I know I'm going to be reading a book again.

But the thing with a series is that it can go on too long (e.g. Stephanie Plum, IMHO) :D

Dréa riley said...

If something makes me laugh or surprises me in a good way, then i will reread that part. A BOOK Has to move me on a serious level for me to re read it. I've read countless stories/books and sometimes I don't even remember them. But if one has the power to make me HAPPY as HELL and/or Madder than the hatter or turn me on like light bulb, well then that book will be read over and over and over. I love books that make me forget that i am home on my couch or in my bed. If the author captures me and takes me THERE...then i will go there again and again and again.