Monday, March 29, 2010

Late Night/Early Morning Ponderings

So tonight Jeanie and I watched the movie GAMER starring , Gabrielle Sidibe's man Gerard. While I wasn't a big fan of the movie, I was a big fan of watching Gerard kick azz. There always seems to be a big ol' pile of azzwhipping in any movie he stars in...and I appreciate that. In between listening to The Jeanie swear out that she wasn't asleep (despite the loud snores coming from her side of the couch) there was a scene in which Gerard busts in and saves his wife...and I jumped up and pumped my fist like I was on the lead float in the Mardi Gras parade. I like watching a man go straight shell over his woman...and it's not because I have a penchant for violence. It is because I have a penchant for passion. When did passion get relegated to the status of 'played out?' Passion is a beautiful, wonderful feeling and yet we have a society where people use up all of their passion on things and all they have leftover for their significant others is lukewarm sentiment...if that.

That is why we crush on books/stories/romances where the hero demonstrates/displays that deep, rockin' love for their heroine. That's why we write stories like that...and why we won't apologize for it. And note, there is a big difference between a hero who is brooding, angry and violent and a hero that is silent, committed and serious.

So tell us, what hero makes you just lose it...and why?


Jeanie Johnson said...

Yeah Gerard Butler did it AGAIN! He is the hottness...I think I'd be fighting off a whole lotta ladies by trying to claim him but I'm more than willing to allow him to be my Baby's Daddy...I'm just saying...LOL!
The movie was's even got DEXTER in it but it just fails to deliver...apart from Gerard...yeah...

Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

i might just sign off on gerard butler...maybe if he passed the gauntlet.