Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Makes a Book a "Keeper"?

What type of story will draw a person in, connect them to the characters, and make them never want the story to end? It's an old age dilemma of not writing the same type of storyline every time. It's a difficult thing to do. In all honesty, I struggle with this question on a regular basis and I still don't have the answer. Having the right balance of strong vs. sensitive characters and fantasy vs. realistic plots is an ongoing process and we never stop learning and growing.

However, as a reader, I know that I want to be moved in some way when I sit down to enjoy a book. If a story can make me laugh out loud, then it's a keeper. If a story can make me cry....oh man, I might read it the very next day, just because I loved it so much. However, if a story makes me angry, then I'll be the first one to throw it in the trash, across the room, delete it from my computer, etc. Whatever it takes to remove it from my presence. I've read quite a few books in my life and there have been some that have made me so angry I've resorted to....well, let's just say they made me angry. So, while I don't know everything about books, writing, etc., there are a few things I do know:
  1. A storyline with a weak woman will never be on my keeper list.
  2. A storyline with a weak man will never be on my keeper list.
  3. Even if the man is strong, but he lets the woman walk all over him as if he's a, I'm not feeling that.
  4. With interracial plots, if you have family members or friends who are still so ignorant, they hold on to stereotypes as if they're the should keep that story to yourself.
  5. If the story isn't a paranormal story, keep it realistic. Reading to escape is all fine and good, but I hate to waste time or money on a story that is so far-fetched, every other thought I have is, "are you kidding me?"
  6. An Aalpa male is never "seen, but not heard"...and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Any other key points you consider when deciding if a book is a keeper?


Reana Malori


Serenity King said...

Hi Reana,

I love strong characters. A storyline with a lot of baby momma drama will never be a keeper for me.

A storyline with a lot of partners will never be a keeper (more than 3).

A disrepectful hero/herione will never be a keeper for me.

Misselle38 said...

Hi Reana, I would say a storyline where the couple argue threw the entire book but in the last chapter they fall in love and get married.

Any storyline with infidelity, is inexcusable.

Herione's with low or no self esteem, thats a bummer.

Reana Malori said...

Serenity and Misselle - I couldn't agree more with both of your points. It's funny how authors think these things make a "good" book. Really? Nah, I think I'll pass on books like this and I sure won't be recommending them to anyone.