Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, we've had this blog for nearly a year and the only message on here says we are here. LOL Hell, I didn't even know we had THIS blog. I thought it was the one on our website and I couldn't figure out how to log into it. BUT Now that I know how to get in, best believe I will be here a little more often.

NOW for all the Intros. Who are we and why are we here.
Well duh, we are the block rockin' chics of BAA(Bad Azz Authors). A group of authors that looked around one day and said "hey you know we could take the world by storm". We all "aye'd" in on it and here we are. Jayha Leigh, Jeanie Johnson, Camille Anthony, Shara Azod, Raelyn Blue, Savannah J. Frierson, Marie Rochelle, Yazmin Taylor, Reid Randolph, Zetta Brown, Laura Guevara and ME(Dréa Riley)!!!

Though we all write IR/MC we span the gambit from chic lit/ sci-fi/ erotica/ paranormal/ furturistic...whatever it is one of us touches it.
JandJ's prose is known for having super bad azz chic and strong alpha men who love them. I have begun to refer to them as Solomon and their prose is the NEW PSALMS... It doesn't matter who you are there is something in each story for everyone...and the stories as a whole, teach a woman how to be strong and a man how to treat a woman.

Miss Camille is our matriarch and we are in awe of her skill with a quill. She is fiestly and bold, like that poem about wearing prulpe when you get older, only I bet Miss Camille has always worn purple. She pushes the enevelope with her shifters and if you don't like it she will hit you with the whammy eye and you will step right on in line like the rest of us. OH and Jayha says "Hunter is MINE."

Shara Azod...makes you wish ever man wore a uniform and was secure enough in their stuff to share you with another dude. This PetiteGRAND DAME is the buisness and their ain't no other way about it.

Pair her up with her mini me Raelyn Blue and you better watch out. On her own Raelyn will take you to strange worlds and having you check your bank account to see if you can buy some realestate there, with Azod at her side you might as well toss convention out the window get a note book and get to class. They are taking you places and you need to make notes and a map for when you need to come back to the realworld...Please don't go walking around talking about things you read in there books unless you intend to have folks in your buisness.

Savannah J. Frierson what more can I say. The name alone speaks to her talent. Sav brings a purity and innocenst to romance that has long been missed. If you want to have your heart strings tugged as well need a fan and some ice tea, pick up anything that has her name on.

Marie Rochelle just might be one of the hardest working women in the industry. Hell i knwo she is , she's one of us. This chic knows how to pen a tale. Her men make you want to beat them down and love some dayum sense into their thick heads *snickers*. If you want a heater you wont pass her by.

Yaz and Reid are so cute together. They are like Lucy and Ethell or those chics with the L and S on their shirts, except with way better fashion sense. I can't wait for you to get to know these ladies because they embody a quick witted style that is unrivaled.

Zetta Brown!!!! our sister in scottland is Editor in Chief at Logical and Lust publishing. And not only that the sistah can spin a tale or two. There is no amount of discribing have to read Messalina, devourer of men for your self. No wonder she caught Unca Jim and got him on lock with the quickness.

Laura Guevara is my ace, my rawd dawg, the other side of me. If you want dominating men and spicey women, you want to read and LG book. Shara calls her "Lil G-Spot" and I call her FREAKAZOID. Chic will make you tie yourself up and hop around town looking for some one to "help you out".

And then there is me...and I didn't do it! (ROFLMAO)

To find out more about us stay tuned to this blog or hit us up on yahoo facebook twitter myspace and of course



Zetta Brown said...

You didn't do it?? Well, I like to know who DID, little lady!

Drea, you are a trip. Thanks for the intro.

When we all get together, we're gonna need someone to announce us all like they do at a WWE Smack Down!

And I'm still ZETIRA - Kicker of Ass and Bitch Slapper o' DOOM!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yeah. I came over here weeks ago and saw nobody had blogged over here for about a year and it's a great looking blog too.

Glad you resurrected things!~

Sylvia said...

WOW Drea! That blog was real cool; makes me want to go read all the books all over again.

Yes everyone...get to reading if you haven't already!

LauraGuevara08 said...

Lil' Sis that was a GREAT INTRO!!!! Hey everyone!