Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Characters I'd like to...

So after looking for some notes on a story I'm looking at presently (one amongst the crowd) I found notes for a story almost six years old and I sat here and read them and fell in love with the Hero all over again...he's a mean m.f. (you know...so different from other characters me and Momma write...NOT!) but he loves his woman something wicked! Woo hoo!

So to all you writers/readers/friends/fans out there reading this right now...answer me this:

Is there a character that you would drop your panties for in a heartbeat?
How you like that ass...man this blogging thing is fun! LOL!
THE Jeanie


T said...

Hannes! But I'd have to sneak so Aunt Donna wouldn't catch me! Why, cause his vulnerability was an instant turn-on! Like a switch got flipped and will never go off...best I can explain it. Ya know you gotcha Max, Steele, Lukas, Jack, Mackenzie, et. al., but in the words of MJB, "its something 'bout this joint right here, that makes me wanna Whoo..."
Night ladies, Toni

Jeanie Johnson said...

You are too cute Toni! LOL!