Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's talk about sex...



Horizontal jogging.

Getting plunged.


Or just plain fuckin'.

How much is too much when it comes to reading a story? I'm a strong believer that there should be no sex in a story that's unwarranted, and the level of description should also be in line with the story. Sometimes the genre "defines" the amount of sex the story should have--if any.

And then there's the question of contraception. Is it the responsibility of author to be PC and assure the reader that characters are practicing safe sex?

Is there really a reason for all of this or are we--as readers and/or authors--just conditioned to follow the herd and stay within certain boundaries?



bookdiva said...

Well as Luther said,"Never too much,never too much!"Though I have to agree that it should be in the flow of the story.Grown people in a relationship have sex,that is a reality.Also,in this day and time of HIV/STD's the mention of condom useage should pop up somewhere in the story.

Jeanie Johnson said...

Condom usage YES!
Sex in the middle of a board meeting...MAYBE...unwarranted or sex for sex sake in the middle of a story is off putting...unless the dude and the chick are the only ones in the meeting and they're I think I'm getting