Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wylder Magick Out Today!!

Finally, after more than a year of fielding nothing, my book comes out from ChangelingPress. Elias Wylder was my first "bad boy" and predates Hunter from the Werewulf Journals. The only thing that could tame Elias is his mate, Morven, but she's escaped him and is hiding until a year is up and she can claim her freedom. It doesn't matter that what she wants most is Wylder. He's too powerful, his magic overwhelming. She fears he'll swallow her, comsume her untill there's nothing left but a robot willing to do his will.

But Elias isn't one to take no for an answer. He is willing to make concessions. He's willing to do whatever Morven wants. The only thing he's not willing to do is let her go. Because if she leaves, she'll take his heart with her. Read an excerpt here:

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